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English Books 1: Knihy v angličtině: Cooper,Dumas,..



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Cooper, James Fenimore – The Last of the Mohicans – 39,- Kč

Cooper, James Fenimore – The Last of the Mohicans - Illustrated Classic Edition – 29,- Kč

Dumas, Alexandre – La Reine Margot (Queen Margot) – 119,- Kč

Dumas, Alexandre – The Three Musketeers – 39,- Kč

Kostova, Elizabeth – The Historian – 89,- Kč

Mosse, Kate – Labyrinth – 119,- Kč

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Kostova, Elizabeth – The Historian

If your pulse flutters at the thought of castle ruins and descents into crypts by moonlight, you will savor every creepy page of Elizabeth Kostova's long but beautifully structured thriller The Historian. The story opens in Amsterdam in 1972, when a teenage girl discovers a medieval book and a cache of yellowed letters in her diplomat father's library. The pages of the book are empty except for a woodcut of a dragon. The letters are addressed to: "My dear and unfortunate successor." When the girl confronts her father, he reluctantly confesses an unsettling story: his involvement, twenty years earlier, in a search for his graduate school mentor, who disappeared from his office only moments after confiding to Paul his certainty that Dracula--Vlad the Impaler, an inventively cruel ruler of Wallachia in the mid-15th century--was still alive. The story turns out to concern our narrator directly because Paul's collaborator in the search was a fellow student named Helen Rossi (the unacknowledged daughter of his mentor) and our narrator's long-dead mother, about whom she knows almost nothing. And then her father, leaving just a note, disappears also.

Mosse, Kate – Labyrinth

Mosse's page-turner takes readers on another quest for the Holy Grail, this time with two closely linked female protagonists born 800 years apart. In 2005, Alice Tanner stumbles into a hidden cave while on an archeological dig in southwest France. Her discovery—two skeletons and a labyrinth pattern engraved on the wall and on a ring—triggers visions of the past and propels her into a dangerous race against those who want the mystery of the cave for themselves. Alais, in the year 1209, is a plucky 17-year-old living in the French city of Carcassone, an outpost of the tolerant Cathar Christian sect that has been declared heretical by the Catholic Church. As Carcassonne comes under siege by the Crusaders, Alais's father, Bertrand Pelletier,entrusts her with a book that is part of a sacred trilogy connected to the Holy Grail.

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